Make World

project making free fsx scenery

MS Flight Simulator X(FSX) is a popular flight simulation game.

This game has 'scenery' based on real world data. it seems good to describe major cities, roads, rivers and ports(especially detailed on US and europe), but not enough at all for other minor countries and regions.

So, many international individuals have been producing 'custom scenery add-on' for free. But users could not modify its data and objects, also could not re-use these for making new custom scenery. It is disappointing.

This project aims to produce open-sourced reusable custom scenery for FSX. Most part of development is based on XML data handling and 3d modeling. Using freeware tools like fsx-kml, xplanner, gmax will make all works easy. Also FSX SDK provides compiler tools and documentation. Basic comprehension of these tools is necessary.

After all, it is impossible to make all world in a day. So it will be going to start at two city, Seoul and Incheon. Logo